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About Us

Maple Peak Group is a Toronto based independent consulting firm with extensive practical experience in assisting global companies with conducting business in Canada. Launched in 2006, the strength of our practice is based on the depth and breadth of relationships which each of our professionals have established over a minimum of 15 years of work experience garnered from across a broad spectrum of industries.

Area of Expertise

Since our inception, Maple Peak Group has been acting to facilitate engagements between a firm of professionals that have expertise in conducting commodity tax recovery reviews - identifying instances of overpayment of taxes to the Canadian Customs Revenue Agency, with large multinational companies operating with a Canadian office. Our experience has been that the greatest opportunities for 'recoveries' can be found within the software technology sector with companies that have employees in Canada developing and delivering solutions where the majority of sales revenues are being generated outside of Canada. In all cases, collecting of government taxes - Provincial (PST), and or Goods & Services (GST), and or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is the common denominator. The provider of tax recovery reviews has considerable expertise and a solid track record assisting clients towards achieving compliance, minimizing audit exposure, avoiding tax overpayments and in securing recovery of overpayments accrued before their involvement.

Our Approach

At Maple Peak Group we view time as the most precious commodity. Connecting the dots between prospective buyers of services with prospective sellers in a minimal time-frame is our core competency. We differentiate our firm from others based on the principle that we do not charge our clients for consulting time by the hour or based on a fixed price arrangement. Rather, our compensation is 100% contingent on our clients consummating a mutually acceptable arrangement for services with a third-party, where the introduction to that party was facilitated by Maple Peak Group.

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